For the first time in over half of a century,

the 6L6 Vacuum Tube has been resurrected.

The warmth of tubes, once again hand-made in the United States.


About Us

Leadership is an escape from mediocrity. All the great deposits of art, science, and literature from the past, on which all civilization has been nourished, come to us from a mere handful of leaders. For the qualities of leadership are the same in all fields, the leader being simply the one who sets the highest example; And to do that and open the way to greater light and knowledge, The leader must break the mold. 

A ship in port is safe. But that is not what ships were built for. 

At RCH Labs, we firmly believe in this credo. We believe that music helps navigate the often stormy seas of life. And one way to that journeys end is through the production of a better sounding vacuum tube.

It is not enough they are made in the United States of America. It is not enough that they are built to the same standards of yesterday. For this endeavor to ring true, there must be made improvements to not only the build quality and longevity of the tubes but of utmost importance is that of the sound quality.

It is through the discovery of new materials. It is through the application of new processes. It is through the careful mix of science and art--as one must never preclude the one for the other.

Every spark of inspiration that is brought to bear in the production of these tubes is codified by the simple, yet profound, act of truly listening.